Midas Day Spa

Journey to the soothing heart,
a haven of calm, and a fresh perspective to life.

Year of Establishment:





16 Years+
Experience a transformative journey at Midas Day Spa, your haven of tranquility. Discover pampering, rejuvenation, and expert self-care in the heart of our sanctuary.

What makes us different?

At Midas Day Spa, the core belief centers around transformation. Recognizing your need for relaxation,
we are committed to delivering an experience that revitalizes you from head to toe.

What makes us different?

Global Expertise

Infusing expertise from around the world into our spa services

Tradition and Innovation

Balancing time-honored traditions and cutting-edge scientific methods

Holistic Approach

Offering a comprehensive and holistic spa experience
Midas Day Spa takes pride in offering you a team of seasoned spa and salon experts. They not only possess mastery over techniques but also a deep understanding of the essence of beauty that resonates both within and outside.

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