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Elevating Nepal’s Mineral Wealth

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Gem Types

Solitaire Mines and Minerals, leads in the ethical extraction and refinement of diverse minerals in Nepal. With a commitment to international quality standards, it strengthens the nation’s export capacity, enhancing global competitiveness. Equipped with modern technology, Solitaire aims to be a standout player in Nepal’s mining sector, delivering superior-grade products and services.

Diverse Mineral Expertise

Our expertise covers the exploration, extraction, and refinement of a wide range of minerals,
ensuring resource diversity and quality.

What makes us different?

Export Potential Catalyst

The mill operates with cutting-edge, fully automatic machinery.

Sustainable Practices

The mill is fully automated, streamlining production process for optimal results.

Umbrella of Excellence

Daily capacity of 100 metric tons, the mill operates at peak productivity levels

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Be part of our vision to transform Nepal’s Mining Industry and foster sustainable growth!
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